About Lo Home

Firstly, welcome and thank you for stopping by. I'm Lauren, the founder and owner of Lauren Haskell Designs and the "Lo Home" product line and shop.

I began Lo Home in 2018 after finding  myself constantly hunting for those classic staples and finishing touches for the home that combined timeless elegance with a palette of pretty, updated colors (at an attainable price for my clients).

Always the maker and creator, I decided to dig in, and create the products myself! (I've always had a dangerously can-do attitude). By creating an original line of products, I knew I could reduce mark-ups and middle men to offer beautifully -crafted, high- quality pieces at an affordable price point. Additionally  (my favorite part), I could more closely control the environmental and social impact of our products and business practices. 

We currently produce our ceramic products, hardware, soft goods, lamps, and case good furniture in-house, and source our wallpaper materials, fabric, upholstered furniture, rugs, and select accents from manufacturers with socially and environmentally conscious practices. 

For all Lo Home original products, we pride ourselves in seeking sustainable raw materials, fair-wage labor, USA-based manufacturing, and biodegradable/recyclable packaging. We are proud to support and promote a successful and sustainable future!  

We strive to find, create, and inspire beauty and joy in our world.