Gilded Butterfly Match Holder/Strike

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This exquisite and functional piece is adorned with a handmade and hand painted butterfly by designer and ceramicist Lauren Haskell. The butterfly features 22K gold. Always have matches on hand when you are ready to use them in this functional and fun match holder/ striker. Elegant white-tipped 3" matches included! Store strike-anywhere matches in the ceramic container and ignite them on the striker pad on the bottom. These hand-painted  containers can also be used to hold small objects that need a home such as paperclips, bobby pins, cotton swabs, etc!

Each ceramic container is hand-painted a Ruby Clay artist before being fired for a beautiful and durable finish, which is food and water safe.


2" High x 2" Diameter

Shipping and Returns

These pieces are custom made just for you, so please allow approximately 1-2 weeks for production and shipping. We try our best to accommodate rush orders. Please contact to place an expedited order.