Hello June!

June is here, and we are ready for SUMMER and new adventures! This month is bringing many new beginnings for us: our NEWEST team members are settling in; our NEW studio is under construction; and our NEW summer collection is almost ready to debut!  We are also starting a NEW monthly feature which will highlight one of our favorite artists each month. You will get a peek into their inspiration/ process AND digital downloads for your desktop and phone featuring their art! This month's free downloads showcase Taelor Fisher and her signature layered abstract florals. The desktop calendar includes her 2018 canvas on acrylic "Flamingo" piece available through Lo Home, and the phone wallpaper includes our Lo Home x Taelor Fisher collaborative "Garden" pattern available on pillows, wallpaper , and fabric. We hope that these gorgeous images add some beauty, joy, and inspiration to your summer days. 

Taelor Fisher

This month's featured artist is Taelor Fisher! Taelor is a Dallas-based artist known for her signature lush, colorful, and charmingly chaotic floral abstracts. She studied at New York University in the Tisch School of the Arts in New York, NY,  and Southern Methodist University in the Meadows School of the Arts in Dallas, TX. She holds a degree in Art History and Studio Art from Southern Methodist University, focusing on Painting, Drawing, and Printmaking. I had the opportunity to ask Taelor about her process, inspiration, and upcoming work:

Where do you find inspiration for your artwork?

I find great inspiration in the natural world, and consider flowers especially stirring. I expressively marry shapes, colors, and scents of my favorite blooms, which produce lush, colorful, and charmingly chaotic compositions.

Every painting starts with flowers. But, it is then what intrigues me at the moment that helps the piece take shape. This can be anything from decor curated by a designer, to current trends in fashion, to a color accidentally mixed on my palette.

My paintings are not about ME. They are about where they might live. I want my work to be loved and cherished. Thus, my heart and soul is poured into each piece as I create.

What advice would you give an aspiring artist or student who would like to pursue a creative field as a career? 

This is such a good question! I wish that someone would have told me to keep creating no matter what. You don't have to immediately be making money off of your art for it to have meaning and purpose. You are also totally aloud to have another job and create. I taught art for 5 years before I painted full time. Taking the time to foster your style and experiment will give you confidence in your own work before you send it out into the world. Confidence in your art and yourself will help your career grow and develop 10 times more than if you lived in a constant state of getting affirmation from others. 

What does a typical day in your studio look like?

I am starting to have less and less all-day studio days after having Bobby, but when I am in the studio, I have to be very efficient so that I can get everything done. I always try to create something not related to a commission or any of my series just to get my mind off of the "work" side of painting. It helps remind me that I paint because I love it - and not to take it so seriously (even though I do haha). Then I either get to work on my current commissions that month, or if I have a show coming up at a gallery, I work on those pieces. The unglamorous side is washing paint brushes, sweeping the floors, cleaning surfaces, and packaging paintings. This actually takes up quite a bit of time to create a workable, uncluttered studio environment, but SO worth it!

What are you most excited about right now?

I am SO excited that my work is displayed with Lisa Weiss in a show at Exhibit by Aberson in Tulsa! I drove up to see the show, and was above and beyond honored to have my work next to Lisa's. Coming up next, a selection of my work will be displayed at Gregg Irby Gallery in August! Stay tuned for dates and more information! 

Our goal at Lo Home is to inspire beautiful and joyful living. Where do you find beauty in your day to day life, and what brings you true joy?

FLOWERS! This has been the one subject that I have always gravitated towards. I also love the look and feeling of fresh flowers in my home. I am currently getting into gardening - so I really hope that this can turn into a hobby that I can sustain that brings me joy as well!! 

She is represented by  Bee Street Gallery in Dallas,  Exhibit by Aberson In Tulsa,  Gregg Irby Gallery in Atlanta, and  Well and WonderIn addition, to her studio work, she also shares her inspiration and details about some of her commission clients on her creative blog  "On the Wall."

Taelor recently started her generous "Paint it Forward" program in March 2019. Every year she will be choosing 2-4 people, nominated by her followers, to gift a commission to. Taelor knows how healing art can be, and how much joy it can bring into a home. "I love the idea of working with them on a special piece that would bring a little happiness back into their life. I believe that everyone deserves something beautiful to look at every day." If you know of someone who has gone through a rough patch, is currently going through a hard time, or just needs a little light in their life - please NOMINATE them here!

Amongst all of the "new" moments June will bring for us here at Lo Home, we are also looking forward to those magical moments that stir up the best memories of summer's earliest days: fireflies and cicadas as the sun sets on a long lazy day; Saturdays that start off with sunglasses, sandals, and topknots; and fun summer reads (and warm naps) by the pool. 

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Wishing you a beautiful and joyful June!

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